American Pharoah

American Pharoah

Friends – HE DID IT!!!!

I’m still on cloud 9. You would think that American Pharoah was my horse the way I’ve been walking around with a permanent smile on my face. I have waited my whole life to see a Triple Crown, and AP certainly did not disappoint.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what that race meant to me, a lover of both horses and horseracing. Thankfully, author Laura Hillenbrand was able to do that for me. She posted this on Facebook after the race, and it’s perfect. All the tears, am I right?

“Be thankful for defeat. Be thankful for failure. Be thankful for frustration, for heartbreak, for foolish mistakes, for frailty, for hard luck, for doubt, for longing. These are the things that gauge the robustness of the challenges we choose, that sound the depths of our bravery and fortitude, that measure our worth. Only those intimate with the pain of loss feel in full the sweet euphoria of triumph. I am grateful that I waited thirty-seven years, since I was a little girl, for this day. I am grateful for all the brave horses who tried and failed and scattered our hopes. When American Pharoah bent his exquisitely beautiful body into the homestretch at Belmont today, scorching fractions faster and faster as his jockey sat taut-armed on his back and 90,000 fans shouted him home, it was those horses, and those thirty-seven years, that made his staggering, unbelievable accomplishment meaningful. They were the leavening of this overwhelming joy, as essential to it as this magnificent creature. Thank you to the starcrossed Spectacular Bid, to the crying jockey Chris Antley, to the gallant little Smarty Jones, to all the others. American Pharoah, welcome to greatness.”


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