Come One, Come All!

Come One, Come All!

The Retired Racehorse Training Project (RRTP) is hosting Thoroughbreds For All this Saturday, October 27th at Fair Hill. Come ready to learn and with your checkbook handy as opportunities for education and for purchasing your new OTTB abound!

According to Steuart Pittman, RRTP president, “This event is designed not only to bring buyers and sellers of ex-racehorses together, but also to educate the public about the life, the training, the care, and the soundness of America’s most beloved four-legged athletes.”

The event begins at 8:30 at the Fair Hill Training Center’s Training Track. Here the audience will be joined by Training Center Manager, Sally Goswell, Alex Brown, author of Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy, as well as additional trainers and exercise riders who will offer insight while horses complete their morning gallops.

The most exciting part of the event (in my opinion!) begins at noon at the Fairgrounds Arena. Here is where 20 or more OTTBs for sale in all stages of their second careers will be presented to the audience. Some of these horses are from nonprofit placement rescues and organizations like Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue, and some are from private sellers. Each horse will enter the arena and have a few minutes to demonstrate their talents; then, each will be available in the stabling area for further inspection after their demonstration is complete.

A list of the participating horses can be found here: Thoroughbreds For All!

My personal favorites are:

Baby Bananas: because his name is BABY BANANAS!!…and because he’s a nice, clean slate
Leo: because he has been there/done that and is totally fine barefoot
Beans: well – you all know how I feel about grey mares! But she has a good foundation and is “not mareish” – a plus!
Norjac: gotta love a stakes horse with more than $400k in earnings who is still ready for new challenges!
Lois Lane: you may need multiple checkbooks for this one – but she appears to be worth it! A mare who loves her job? Imagine that!!
American Barbie: she’s “sound and sane” and has competed in eventing and hunters…an all-around good girl!

The adorable Solidify

The audience will be in for another treat when two of the four Retired Racehorse Trainer Challenge horses make their appearances! Solidify and Tempyst are back! They will be ridden by their new owners and the audience will get to see how far they’ve come in such a short period of time.

Tempyst and Kerry Blackmer

This will be an amazing day completely dedicated to the OTTB. Well done RRTP, well done!

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