Happy Birthday Sassy Grey!

Happy Birthday Sassy Grey!

This is a special day for three reasons! First, and in no particular order, today is the 1st birthday of The Sassy Grey blog. I began this blog a year ago to coincide with another birthday, that of THE SassyGrey, Misty Mystique! My Misty is 8 years old today; I can’t believe my Valentine’s baby is all grown up!

And finally, it’s Valentine’s Day – a great holiday devoted to love and chocolate. What’s not to love?

Misty on her first day home – look at that sweet face!

But back to Misty…when she came off the track and into my life, she was a silly filly of 4. Now she is a mature lady at 8 – all grown up, but still my baby doll. I’ve owned her for 3 ½ years now – where has the time gone? We have taught each other so much in what feels like so little time; I thank God every day that she’s apart of my life.

I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays, to growing together as horse and rider, and to having fun!

I’m also excited for The Sassy Grey blog! I have some great plans in store for it this year – stay tuned!!

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