I Want a New Horse Syndrome

I Want a New Horse Syndrome

I’m going through an ‘I need a new animal’ phase. You know how some people feel the need to buy a new car every few years…or even move into a new house? I’m that way with animals…every few years, I just need one. I haven’t added to my four-legged furry collection since July 13, 2008, the day I brought Misty home. That’s been almost 3 years.


Do you know how long that is in ‘Laurie needs a new animal’ years? At least 15.

This little filly will lighten up and grey out…omg I MUST have her!

What I’d really prefer is another horse. But as Misty can cost more than my mortgage some months (not joking), I’ll take a dog or a cat. But there is one large, red-headed obstacle between me and new animal bliss…James.

I’m dying just looking at this picture – there is nothing cuter than a long-legged foal!

James has recently started this ridiculously terrible and horrific thing called, “the budget.” And while I admire “the budget’s” ability to let us know if we’re on track with our savings goals, I also despise him for being a complete and total snake. He rats me out to James every month by delivering cold hard numbers showing EXACTLY how much I spent on the animals. It’s hard to make a good case for wanting – no – NEEDING another animal when “the budget’s” statistics get thrown back in my face.

Kittens! Inspired by…Kittens!! I sincerely hope he wreaked havoc with these brushes – LOVE bad cats!

And at the end of the day, despite my excuses and skepticism, “the budget” just does not lie. I hate him and his incredible accuracy.

My go-to line: “but if we’re not having kids, we can TOTALLY afford another horse!” James: “regardless of kids, when the “Animals” category is a very close second to the “Mortgage” category, that’s a problem!”

We obviously have two very different definitions of the word ‘problem.’

Yes…I WILL sneak a well-dressed duck into the house one day.

But no worries – I will wear both James AND “the budget” down. And as they say, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission! 😉

And in case you’re wondering – no – I don’t want one of these!! Haha!!
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