I Wrap Hooves like a Champ

I Wrap Hooves like a Champ

So Misty is recovering from a rather large abscess that burst with a vengeance out of her RH. Well, after the vet dug it out, of course.

At first, I wasn’t sure Misty was actually abscessing as I’ve had her 3 ½ years and the only other time she’s abscessed was 6 weeks after I got her…and that was as a result of semi-throwing her racing shoes on her second day home and stepping on a nail.

I thought maybe she had twisted something on the frozen ground because, although her lower leg was swollen, she was still sound…and then she was just a little off…then a little more…then…you know? I think she’s abscessing! Enter diapers…and duct tape…and vetrap (pronounced like “vet wrap,” not “vet trap,” as I pronounced it as a stupid kid)…and Ichthammol…and hot water…and Epsom salts.

I wrapped Misty for a few days before I had the vet out, (but I was tired of watching her limp – figured the vet could speed up the process a little)…and since the hole was pretty big (about the size of a nickel and very deep), my vet suggested I keep it wrapped for another week so it would stay clean and could continue draining.

The foundation.

First, I have to give props to Misty – she’s the BEST patient ever! She stood so perfectly still in her cross ties as I soaked her for 20 minutes and picked at/cleaned what must be an awfully painful little hole! Then she continued to stand while I wrapped her hoof with a baby diaper.

Ichthammol – sticky, gooey, and dark brown…ick.

Second, I have to give props to myself…I’m a Master Wrapper. After I’ve soaked her hoof in hot water and Epsom salts, I set it down on a clean towel and let it dry. Then I smear the Ichthammol on her actual hoof and inside the diaper. (Note – this is the ONLY time I ever want to see anything dark brown smeared inside a baby diaper – gag!). Then I wrap her hoof in the diaper and use duct tape to secure the top. Then around and around I go with the vetrap…then more duct tape…especially at the toe which is on the ground the most since the poor thing keeps it cocked up, almost dragging it.

Misty prefers vetrap in blue or pink.

How do you know if you’re a Master Wrapper? Is the wrap still on in the morning? Yes?! Woo!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of my magnificent creation since I am the last person on earth who does not have a smart phone…so no camera. So just use your imagination. Give me a diaper and a horse hoof, and I will give you art!

The main ingredient.

So all this happened about a week ago…and Misty is still on the mend, but not completely ride-able yet…which makes perfect sense because the weather has been amazing and unseasonably fantastic for this time of year. Figures. But at least my girl is improving.

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