Keeneland Racetrack

Keeneland Racetrack


Lexington is the home of Keeneland, a stunning racetrack situated on 147 bucolic acres. Now the only track I’ve ever been to is Pimlico…and anyone who’s been there can tell you that, sadly, it’s not the best around (let’s change this Maryland!!). From the moment I set foot on Keeneland’s property, I knew that I was in for a treat!

After dinner one night, James and I decided to drive around a little to drink in some more horsey sights before the sun set. In through Keeneland’s gates we drove…only to find a completely deserted track. Obviously no meets were being held at the time because there wasn’t a horse…or person…in sight. James and I parked and since our car was the only one in the lot, I got out, clapped my hands and said, “first ones here…first ones here”…a la Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation. (I don’t think James got it).

We walked up to get some pictures with the sign up front and were astonished to see that the gates to the track were wide open…no closed signs…no chains blocking our way…so we just gave ourselves a tour! We walked through a beautiful open courtyard right out onto the track. The scene was so breathtaking…just me, James, this gorgeous track…and an engaged couple with their photographer! What a great idea – doing an engagement shoot there – why hadn’t I thought of something like that when James and I were newly engaged?! Bah!

Around the track we strolled arm-in-arm…and I imagined the horses thundering down the stretch, fighting to finish first. When we ventured around to the top of the stretch, we came across the starting gate…so, of course, I had to play in it!

Admittedly, I probably had more fun in Keeneland while it was closed than I would have had it been open and filled with people. However, I did hear that Keeneland has THE best gift shop in Lexington (as if I need any more horse stuff), and that was closed. Oh well – I guess I’ll have to do a little damage with my credit card the next time I’m out there!
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