Kentucky Has My Heart

Kentucky Has My Heart

Hi friends! Sorry that I’ve been MIA a little; I was in Lexington for the Breeder’s Cup last week and returned late Sunday night. As you can imagine, our trip was phenomenal in every single way.

I will do some longer posts, but below is a rundown of what we did, so expect to read about it all!

Wednesday – a tour of Churchill Downs, dinner at The Julep Cup
Thursday – a tour of Old Friends, wine tasting at Chrisman’s Mill, dinner at Dudley’s on Short
Friday – Breeder’s Cup Day One!
Saturday – Breeder’s Cup Classic Day!
Sunday – shopping at the Horse Park, lunch at Wallace Station

As you can see, we packed a lot of activities into just a few days. And as always, Kentucky was nothing short of spectacular. This area of the country truly has my heart. I kept telling James that these are my people! I love my Maryland to death, but there’s just something about that bluegrass…

Kentucky Heart 1
Kentucky Heart 2

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