My trainer turned me onto Effax’s Leder-Balsam, and now it’s my go-to tack cleaner. When I was younger, I used to love to sit outside on a beautiful day and clean any leather piece of riding equipment I could get my hands on. Now that I’m older, I don’t particularly enjoy taking time out of my busy days to clean tack, even though I know it’s an absolute necessity.

Typically, my tack was cleaned the night before a show, and that was it. And then I noticed that pieces were wearing faster than they should and breaking, and it was all my fault. Maybe if I had taken the time to clean and restore my tack, it would have lasted longer. Then Cindy introduced me to Leder-Balm, as she calls it, and I’ve been in love ever since.

All you have to do is apply a thin coating to the leather, and then polish later, if necessary. I notice a difference immediately, and it’s long-lasting. I also like how it gradually darkens the leather, leaving it with a deep, rich color. Best of all, this stuff smells incredible as it has a hint of vanilla. I don’t think I’ll ever use another cleaner again!

Leder Balm

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