No More Winter!

No More Winter!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the summer. I’ll take the humidity, the bugs, and the scorching heat any day of the week over these frigid temperatures. I was so excited last weekend when the temperatures topped at 70! Now, sadly, we have a few inches of snow on the ground, and I hope it melts immediately.

But in honor of this snow day, I wanted to post some pictures of Misty playing in the snow during the blizzard of December 2009. Like her mom, Misty is a summer baby as well and enjoys the long, warm days when the grass is lush and green. But not even Misty can resist a good frolic in the snow!

This picture below was featured in the February 2010 edition of The Equiery. James took these pictures – aren’t they great?!

Misty wears a blanket during the winter. I take it off quite frequently to brush her out, but it probably felt good to kick up her heels without it on.
Of course, Misty’s sister, our German Shepherd, Izzie, loves the snow too, and she loves to catch the snowballs we throw!

While a snow covered world is beautiful, I’m ready for the warm weather. Come on Spring!

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