Paint it Black

Paint it Black

After we built our horse fence last year, I knew I wouldn’t feel right until it was painted. A lot of people choose to leave their fences alone, natural, but I felt it wouldn’t be a finished product until it had a coat of paint.

The next decision was an easy one – do we paint it white or black? I didn’t have to think too long about this – I think black fences just look elegant and classic. A white fence is beautiful, but requires so much more maintenance; we don’t want to have to repaint every other year.

Of course, any random exterior paint just wouldn’t do. We needed actual horse fence paint that would go on thick and only take one coat, so we ordered two 55 gallon drums from Lexington Paint & Supply. From beginning to end, this paint is no joke. Not only is it difficult to even get it OUT of the drum (first you have to mix it inside the drum, and then siphon it out with a special pump), but it’s a pain to get OFF of your skin. Also – the smell. It permeated the entire area for weeks. Yikes – sorry neighbors!

Okay – confession time. I helped very little. After spending a few hours helping James paint on that first day, we came to the conclusion that if it was just us painting, we’d never get it done. So we did the next best thing – we hired two 16 year old boys who were looking for work! They both enjoy working with their hands and prefer being outside to some random job at the mall, so it was win-win. They came almost every day for about three weeks until they were done. And let me tell you, they did a FABULOUS job!

I was so happy with their work, and even happier to cross a huge project off our list, (especially since I didn’t have much involvement with this one!). The boys were caked with black paint by the end of every day, but after some lacquer thinner and a dip in our pool, they were just fine!

You can see the black fence in the pictures below!

Fence 2
Fence 3
Fence 1

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