Put Some Excitement Between Your Legs

Put Some Excitement Between Your Legs

Now that winter is long gone and the warm weather appears to be here to stay, I’ve been back in the saddle on a regular basis. (Well, when it isn’t raining!). After a fairly rough start earlier this spring, (read: Misty had no interest in being ridden and nicely tried to tell me this with a few well placed bucks and spins), we’re on our way to a routine training schedule.

Unfortunately, Misty had lost quite a bit of muscle tone after being out of commission since last October with an eye ailment (I’ll deliver this sad, long, expensive story sometime) and crappy, icy climate. With lots of trot work, which she loves, (not at all), she’s built herself up nicely and we’ll be cantering circles and figure eights in no time, (but not if Misty has something to say about it…which she will!). If the rain goes away and I can get in some solid training, it will be off to the shows!

But regardless of Misty’s behavior, riding her always brings plenty of excitement for me…and plenty of entertainment for our audience!

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