Sunday Morning at Merryland

Sunday Morning at Merryland

Just over a week ago, we spent a Sunday afternoon at Merryland Farm in Hydes, Maryland. It’s a training facility and is the sister farm to Country Life, which is a Thoroughbred nursery. Both farms are owned by the Pons family. I have met Josh Pons a handful of times, and he is very friendly and welcoming.

It was a chilly, windy autumn day in Maryland, but James and I bundled up, picked up Kim and Kyle, and drove over to the Farm. Doughnuts, coffee, and then lunch was served while people meandered around, meeting both horses in training and mares in foal. One was fast asleep in her stall and couldn’t be bothered for anyone – she reminded me of Misty!

Josh, microphone in hand, welcomed the crowd, and then talked about some racing and broodmare partnerships that may be available in the coming months. Three broodmare prospects were paraded around for us to admire; two were relatively calm, but one was a little wild. She wanted to go back to the track and not make any babies, (I can completely relate)!

James and I kept laughing throughout the day as we could see the gleam in Kyle’s eye. At some point, I’m sure he will invest in a partnership of some sort!

Before we left, two horses came out to be exercised on the oval. It was a spectacular sight – two young, very fresh racehorses out doing what they love best!

Merryland 1
Merryland 2

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