The Equestrian Home

The Equestrian Home

Over the years, I have amassed quite a bit of equestrian décor items, but there are a few that stand out as my absolute favorites, items that I really treasure.

Fancy Lamp
This lamp was given to me and James by my sister and her husband as an anniversary/housewarming gift. I admired a similar lamp during our Lexington trip in 2013, so they surprised us with one a month later. It’s the perfect addition to our living room.

Home 1

Foxhunting Horn
I picked up this horn at a yard sale in Sparks, Maryland about 7 years ago. The owner was selling her farm and downsizing, and I was able to grab this horn for $1. I cherish it.

Home 2

Hunt Cap
When I was about 10 years old, one of our neighbors was having an estate sale to sell a bunch of her father’s belongings. He rode (not sure in what capacity), and this helmet belonged to him. It’s probably 50+ years old. I purchased it for $1. Then I went back an hour later and bought his tack trunk and everything else in it (grooming supplies, mostly) for an additional $3. Talk about a great day for this horse crazy kid! My brother purchased an antique tennis racket that day which he still has and loves.

Home 3

Misty’s Racing Plates
These were the shoes Misty was wearing when I got her off the track. I am still amazed at how light they are. The fourth one has been painted black and hangs above the doorway in my office. These three are on my bookshelf.

Home 4

Finally, I received these bookends from Santa when I was in middle school. This one holds my Harry Potter books; the other one sits on a different shelf holding a variety of anthologies. They came from the Danbury Mint, and the books are bound in real leather. They are perfect for my equestrian-themed home office.

Home 5

What are some of your favorite equestrian décor items?

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