The Sketches of Paul Brown

The Sketches of Paul Brown

The first stop on our tour of Middleburg was the National Sporting Museum and Library. Admission into the Museum was $10 per person, and it took us around an hour to get through as it’s not too large. Showcased there was a variety of equestrian and sporting art in a multitude of mediums. Some of my favorites are pictured below.

Sporting Museum 1
Sporting Museum 2
Sporting Museum 3
Sporting Museum 4
Sporting Museum 5
Sporting Museum 6

An entire room was devoted to the artist, Paul Brown, whom I had never heard of before. He mainly produced an array of illustrations and sketches, and quite a few were of local scenes in Maryland, mostly depicting steeplechases. I very much enjoy art created in the pencil medium, so I thought these sketches were brilliant, and I am now on a mission to find one for my home!

Paul Brown 1
Paul Brown 2
Paul Brown 3
Paul Brown 4
Paul Brown 5
Paul Brown 6

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