The Twins

The Twins

In December of 2003, James, my mom, my sister, and I rescued four kittens – all about 5 or 6 weeks old. They were living underneath the house James was renting at the time, and we were worried they’d freeze to death with winter’s arrival.

You’d think being rescued by four nice humans and taken into the warmth of a house would make a kitten happy, but it didn’t. They fought us and bit us (those little beasts were quite strong!)…but after a few hours, they were safe inside.

My mom took two of the kittens, the only boy, Bandit, and a girl, Prissy. James took the other two girls, and they became his college roommates. At the time, James was working on a large company profile project for school…and since his company was Snapple, he christened our grey tabby Snapple Pie.

I named the calico Penelope because she was small and dainty – her petite face bearing what reminded me of a beauty mark. Penelope just seemed to fit.

I love my twins to death – I just wish they didn’t hate me.

Okay, maybe they don’t hate me – but I can’t help but get insulted when they hiss at me as soon as I walk into their room (and “their” room is my little office where they hang out in their cat climbing trees…see? I even spoil mean cats!). Once I approach and pet them, they start purring and rubbing around me…but I practically have to force myself upon them before they relax and stop growling. Snapple actually loves to be brushed…and Penelope likes to be snuggled…but it’s like I have to remind them (every single day) that they do, in fact, like me.

So what will I do with my anti-social kitties? I will continue spoiling them with Pounce treats, grooming sessions, and extravagant cat trees in hopes of buying their love. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

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