All On

$ 10.00


All On features main character, Cassidy Winters, and is a stand-alone novel published in September of 2022. This is the same Cassidy Winters we met in Where the Bluegrass Grows, but you do not need to read that one first in order to enjoy All On!


Equine veterinarian, Cassidy Winters, has a bit of a reputation in her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. For years she’s worn her “spoiled little rich girl” persona like a badge of honor. But as she got older, she realized she had no one in her corner, and that’s when she knew it was time to change her ways.

In order to truly part ways with her previous life, Cassidy knows she needs a fresh start – a new job, a new town, a new life. She’s thrilled when she is offered a position at the prestigious New Bolton Center in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and gladly accepts. After her move, Cassidy rents a cottage on a horse farm in the middle of foxhunting country and gets down to the business of furthering her career, reconnecting with nature, and taking time to improve herself. With all the mistakes she’s made in her past, she knows she has her work cut out for her.

When Cassidy meets Garrett Anders, her landlord’s son, she’s excited to make a new friend. Though she is charmed by Garrett’s handsome face and fun personality, Cassidy knows developing a serious romantic relationship with him isn’t an option. However, Garrett is everything Cassidy could ever want in a man, so it’s not long before things get complicated.

Unfortunately for them, they both have demons they need to put to rest before they can move on with their lives, and Cassidy fears that their hurdles may be too big to overcome.